What is a Monitrice?
Start with a doula and add a hefty dose of
professional knowledge, experience and skill.

A Monitrice is a DoulaPLUS!
The PLUS includes advanced training in monitoring both the mother (vitals, checking dilation, etc.) and baby (fetal heart tones) while mom labors at home before going to the hospital.

When the family moves to the hospital, so does your Monitrice; from Monitrice to Doula!
Women choose to labor at home for a variety of reasons, but the most common is they don't want to go to the hospital until their labor is well under way. This can be especially important for women wanting a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) because they are typically asked to come to the hospital as soon as labor starts.

Dr. Victor Khouzami, in the 2008 newspaper article "Home Made," blatantly states why laboring at home can be crucial for women wanting a natural birth:

"If you are here long enough, we are going to do something to you. It's a matter of time. I will be the first one to admit that."

And he continues with:

"The trade-off is that I am going to make sure that nothing happens to
you or to the baby.
"So which risk do you want? You can't have it both ways."

Ahh, but you can!

As your Monitrice, I can be the stop-gap between laboring at home alone or spending many needless hours in early labor tethered to the hospital bed with fetal heart monitors, an IV, a blood pressure cuff and forbidden to eat and drink or move around as you wish. Every bit of research shows that a physiological labor helps expedite a natural birth. That doesn't happen in a hospital.

Create your ideal birth; I am here to help.

Dr. Khouzami "oversees Maryland's most prolific labor and delivery hospital ward: GBMC physicians and staff delivered nearly 5,000 babies in 2007. Almost half--42 percent--of those babies arrived via surgery."
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It is difficult finding a Monitrice back-up, but every effort will be made to find one for you during the pregnancy. If there is some reason I wouldn't be able to attend the birth (rarely), I would send a very experienced doula who might still come to your home to labor with you.
All of my back-up doulas are women.