My Mini Resume

I attended my first birth as a doula in January 1983 and still find them just as exhilarating today. I've been a doula, monitrice or midwife for 900 births (give or take) in hospitals, birth centers and at home.

I've worked alongside doctors, nurses and certified nurse midwives since I began attending births, including assisting CNMs at two separate birth centers in Orlando, Florida.

I was a Prenatal Case Coordinator and HIV/AIDS Counselor for Planned Parenthood San Diego then worked under a Center for Disease Control grant at the Farmworker Association of Florida as an HIV/STD Counselor for Latina migrants in Orlando.

Several stints at Casa de Nacimiento in El Paso, Texas gave me a wide variety of birth experiences with a 99% Spanish-speaking only clientele. Here, I learned, then honed, my skills as a midwife.

I've been a Licensed Midwife in California since 2005, licensed by the Medical Board of California. I've assisted and/or managed about 150 homebirths. I also carry the Certified Professional Midwife designation after passing the North American Registry of Midwives' exam. NARM's test is considered the standard for licensing midwives in midwifery-legal states. 

Now a retired La Leche League leader (a breastfeeding counselor), I have also taught childbirth classes to a wide variety of pregnant families -from inner city teens and migrant women to military wives... as well as for my own midwifery clients.
Family Life!
(See our pics here.)

I have four kids (3 bio, 1 step) - Tristan, hospital-born in 1982; Meghann, home-born in 1984; Aimee, car-born (surprise!) and Darren, hospital-born, both in 1986.

I also have our two furry "babies" now... Cash (a long-haired daschund) and Lilo (our rescue dog suspected to be part Jack Russell and part MinPin or Chihuahua).

Kids' links above go to their birth stories on my blog.
Who is Barbara E. Herrera, LM, CPM
(aka the Navelgazing Midwife)?
Known as the
"Navelgazing Midwife,"
my blog is read by midwives, doulas, students and apprentice midwives as well as natural birth advocates around the world.

Some of my doula clients getting together in 1987.
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