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*What is a Monitrice?
As a Monitrice, I help women who want to stay home during early and mid-labor, but who also want to have themselves and their babies monitored for complications. I listen to fetal heart tones, take a mom's blood pressure and temperature and am able to do vaginal exams if necessary. In short, I act as a Licensed Midwife, using my legal skills to help keep mom and baby safe before they head to the hospital.

*And a Doula?
When women are ready to go to the hospital, I go with them and become their Doula, a non-medical support person. As a Doula, I become your walking birth plan (and childbirth education!), but do not speak for you, but remind you of the discussions we had prenatally.
I also Doula for women who do not desire my Monitrice services, meeting the client at the hospital instead of in her home.


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I'm Barbara E. Herrera, LM, CPM
and I combine my midwifery licenses with doula service, enabling hospital birthing
San Diegans a wider range of options
during their labors.

As your
I offer you the freedom to labor at home safely
(listening to fetal heart tones, monitoring your vitals, etc.), while still delivering in the hospital.

Once labor is well under way and you are ready to be in the hospital, I shift into my *Doula role, accompanying you and your partner, providing experienced (30 years and 900 births!) and knowledgeable (as a California Licensed & Certified Professional Midwife) support and information, throughout the rest of your birthing journey.

I am no longer attending homebirths as a Primary Midwife.